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Pull-Up’s or Not - That’s the Big Question

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

This question comes up over and over again: “Should I use pull-up’s during potty training?”
Here is the deal: Pull-up’s are very convenient – and they will delay potty training for most kids. It makes perfect sense: Pull-up’s are so absorbent that your child doesn’t feel the wetness. It “feels dry”, so why would your toddler want to use the bathroom? It’s really nothing but a diaper that is easy to take on and off, and it gives you the (false) impression that your child is progressing in potty training.
I know, I know, the commercials advertise that it trains your child to pull something on and off that looks like underwear. And it makes sense. But underwear feels wet; pull-up’s don’t.
Instead of using pull-up’s, I recommend you go straight into using underwear during the day. Use the padded training underwear such as the ones by Luvable Friends. They catch quite a bit of pee, unlike regular undies, while also letting your child clearly know that it is high time to get to the toilet.
Get a dozen or two and be prepared to wash frequently in the beginning, but it will save you a ton of time and money in the long run compared to pull-up’s.
I completely understand that it may seem more convenient for you as a parent to use the pull-up’s because it is less of a mess. Let me offer you a paradigm shift: celebrate the mess you may encounter in the beginning, because the more mess you have, the faster your child will be potty trained.
It won’t take your child long to catch on that wet or dirty underwear is uncomfortable, and sooner than you think you will be on your way to a diaper/pull-up free household.
The only times I consider pull-up’s a good alternative are during long car rides when you may not have easy access to a toilet, and during the first few weeks of night-time potty training. However, for the night, you can even consider using training underwear and cover it up with plastic pants, such as Gerber’s waterproof training pants.
Otherwise decide to hang in there with padded underwear. It is well worth the brief time of inconvenience – and with the money you are saving, enjoy a nice latte and buy a good book for yourself – after all, you deserve it :).

Make it a great day!

Marion Solis

P.S.: For more info on the use of pull-up’s versus real underwear, and many other great tips, tricks and insights about potty training your child, check out The Ultimate Potty Training Guide.