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Celebrate To Speed Up Potty Training!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009



I am totally thrilled about the visual makeover of my website and blog. I had the great pleasure to work with Teevee Aguirre ( to create a brand new look for my site that really reflects how I feel about potty training.


Can you see the excitement of this little boy in the banner, how he looks so proud and happy to be in “big kid’s underwear”? Can you imagine how your child will soon, too, say “woohoo, I’m wearing underwear”?


It’s up to us as parents to create the fun, supportive environment that allows our kids to get excited about their accomplishments. Make potty training fun! Celebrate together, get silly, do whatever it takes to make this an enjoyable experience for all of you.


I recently attended the “Guerilla Business School”, and one of the presenters said “We don’t nearly celebrate enough anymore today.” I think he’s right. So how about we – you and I – change that?


Let’s show our kids that there are tons of reasons to celebrate every day. Show them the picture of the little boy on this website, tell them that they will be this excited very soon, too. Throw your arms in the air right along with them and say “woohoo, you are wearing underwear”!


From a physiological point of view, there is something powerful going on in our bodies when we engage like this. It helps lock in the experience and the learning.

So use that to your advantage, play full out when you celebrate, just like the boy in the picture! Sooner than you might think, your child, too, will say good-bye to diapers for good and be tickled to wear underwear.


By the way, keep an eye out for changes on my website I will soon have a whole new layout – the banner on the top is just the beginning… and yes, there will be pictures of girls, too!


To you and your child celebrating together,


Marion Solis 




P.S.: If you or someone you know needs a great graphic designer, I highly recommend Teevee ( He is creative, great at what he does, and fun to work with – go check out his website!




Hero Helps with Night Time Potty Training!

Thursday, September 10th, 2009



Did you know that you child’s hero or favorite character (from a book, movie, TV show etc.) can help her stay dry at night? And it’s easy!


During the time when Julian learned to wake up at night to go potty, he loved the show “Dora the Explorer™“. So I started telling him: “If you need to go pee-pee tonight, Dora will wake you up so that you can go pee-pee in the potty.”
When I started this, I had no idea if this was going to work. But with my background as a personal growth coach, I knew that it’s possible to give one’s brain specific instructions, so I figured I might as well try.
The first few times when Julian woke up at night and needed to pee, I said: “Oh great, Dora woke you up so you can go pee-pee in the potty!” That way he (or better said, his brain) connected the fact that he woke up to pee with the statement that Dora woke him up. I repeated that statement several times while he was going potty at night.
Every evening before he went to sleep, I reminded him that Dora would wake him up if he needed to go pee-pee.
Just a few nights later, he woke up at night and told me he needed to go pee and that Dora woke him up so he could go in the potty!
Since I started using this, he had hardly any night time accidents.
And here is something funny: If he doesn’t want to go pee before he goes to sleep, he still today sometimes says “I don’t need to go pee, Dora will wake me up.”
You can actually start using this technique even if your child still wears diapers or pull-ups at night. The goal is that her diaper/pull-up stays dry and that she wakes up to pee in the potty at night. That way when you switch to underwear, she’s ready to go.
And if you are not sure which character would work best for your child, simply ask him: “If your favorite hero/character/person/doll/stuffed animal would help you wake up at night so you can go pee-pee in the potty, who would that be?” And let him tell you.
This may or may not work as fast for you as it did for us, but stick with it, be consistent, and soon the soaked sheets will be a story of the past!
To your good night’s sleep,

Marion Solis


P.S.: For many more ideas on how to make nighttime potty training easy, read pages 42-45 in “The Ultimate Potty Training Guide”.
P.P.S.: Dora the Explorer ™ is a registered trademark of Nickelodeon and Viacom